When faced with life challenges it can be necessary to seek extra support in order to maintain mental and emotional wellness. Seneca County Community Counseling’s Mental Health Program provides a safe and confidential setting where Seneca County residents can receive an array of services designed to support individuals through their recovery process. Our highly qualified staff members work with adults, families, and children utilizing trauma-informed, family-centered, evidence-based and best practices. Affordable services are provided to individuals regardless of race, color, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation and/or national origin.


Services provided include Psychiatric Assessments, Medication Management, Mental Health Evaluations, Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Crisis Services, Sex Offender Treatment, and School-Based Services.

Clinical Staff

  • John Shafer, LCSW, Senior Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Janice Creamer, LCSW – R, Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Brenda Black, LMSW, Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Lori Canada, LMSW, Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Sue Hammond, LCSW-R, Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Joanne Pagano, LMSW, Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Lisa Westmiller, LMSW, Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Amy Guarino, MSW, Mental Health Clinical Therapist
  • Hadley O’Bryan, MHC, Mental Health Clinical Therapist
  • Ann D’Agostino, LMHC, Contract Child Trauma Specialist
  • Christina Tompkins, LCSW-R. Contract Clinician
  • Heather Frederick, LMHC, Senior Mental Health Clinical Therapist
  • Judy Fancett, RN, Psychiatric Nurse
  • Lisa Depalma, RN, Psychiatric Nurse
  • Sharon Hall, LMSW

Medical Providers

  • Dr. Kang Yu, MD, Psychiatrist
  • Dr. David Roemer, MD, Psychiatrist
  • Dr. David Kaufman, MD, Child Psychiatrist
  • Pam King, NPP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Deena Schwartz, NPP, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner